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  • Hi everyone,

    I am at a beginner level with C2 and not yet fully conversant with it's possibilities.

    I am nearly finished my ebook which is 20 pages long 1024 x 768 px full colour. I have yet to add interactivity and sound. Will i have issues with file size and performance - assuming i'll be using cocoon js or directcanvas - if it goes beyond a certain file size. To explain my question further, here's a link to a children's book app that weighs in at 105mb on the iTunes store: view below plus a youtube video. My book will be similar with similar interactivity for kids. I know it was created with Cocos2D and not C2.

    I have read forum posts about the dangers of using large backgrounds as sprites or single huge tiles. Some help appreciated thanks.

  • Here's the video demo of the app.

  • Something to be aware of with CocoonJS:

    here are two types of users in the cloud compilation system at the moment:

    Normal users: The default user when you register in the system. The only limitation for this kind of users is that they can only upload 30 Mb of data per application and that there is no acces to configure and use the CocoonJS extensions.

    Premium users: This users are allowed to upload up to 200Mb of data for their apps and they have full access to use and configure the CocoonJS extensions.

    If you go over 30MB, you'll have to register for a premium user account.

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  • Always optimize, remember to use power of 2 in tiles, clone elements, lower sound quality, those things come at the top of my head.

  • If you are only releasing your app for Apple devices, removing ogg files should save you a few megs, as well.

    I really look forward to seeing this book in action, btw. Always nice to see HTML5 faring well on something with considerably bigger/shinier graphics. Most HTML5 applications (especially the ones made with Construct2) I've seen to date always seem to utilize the same marginalized style with sprites reminiscent of the Sensible Software days.

  • Geometrix, thanks for telling me about cocoonjs max limitations for normal users. Do you have any idea what a premium account would cost? I am also considering Appmobi. Creating a book app is going to be at least 50mb as a conservative guess - with 20 - 32 pages 1024x768px. I know C2 like other game engines, wasn't intended for book apps. But if cocos2D can handle a 105mb book app successfully published to itunes store, i'm hoping C2 can handle it too, though it's HTML5 and JS powered, not Objective C native iOS language. Finding it hard to get answers as few people have used 2D game engines for book apps. Been looking at Stencyl and Corona SDK if C2 cannot permit this type of development.

    Thanks all!

  • I don't see why C2 would struggle with interactive books - they're essentially following the same principles of games, so I honestly think that you'll be fine with Construct.

    I'm not sure how much a premium account would cost, but right now they're free so long as you can state your case to Ludei as to why you'd need such an account. It's highly likely that they'll announce pricing within the next couple of months, so I suggest that you drop them a mail to see if they can give you some advice regarding how viable it'll be for you to stick with them or find another service.

  • Construct2 should definitely be able to handle it.

    As a WebOS user first and Android user second, I haven't yet felt the need to use CocoonJS/DirectCanvas. But from what I can tell, Phonegap adds very little overhead.

    An HTML5 based ebook/children's book should definitely be possible and has, in fact, been done multiple times already (Kindle Format 8).

    As for native toolsets. I'd recommend either Gideros (there's a children's book about a small blue elephant featured right on their homepage) or Haxe NME.

    Gideros already comes with it's own IDE and Haxe NME supports plenty of other exciting platforms from the get-go.

  • 20 images of a full color 1024 x 768 will use around 60MB of texture memory (CMIIW), I wonder if you will "run out" of texture memory when you're using cocoonjs.

    C2 support the layout-by-layout loading, but I heard cocoonjs doesn't support that feature yet.

    Here's more reading for you about someone else trying to make interactive book:

  • Be sure to also use the correct image compression from within C2.

    This might greatly reduce the download size of the project.

    Also are there people actually downloading the 100 mb "children book" you referred as an example in your first post ?

    That seems like a big size for such an application.

  • Hi Kyatric. Yes, the itunes page says 105mb - view link. Most children's book apps are at least 20 pages, full colour and 1024px or higher. I think buyers expect big files for any book, whether it's a PDF, Kindle or book App. My main concern is that it plays smoothly and that it doesn't crash.

    Thanks for the link Potato. Seems like there are issues still with C2, cocoonjs and big background images. I will message Ludei as they might have some interesting advice.

    Thanks all!

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