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  • This is my Demo of Site in Scirra Construct.

    Click here for entry

  • I love the click and hold to open it up, very interesting idea!

  • I love the click and hold to open it up, very interesting idea!

    Thank coming soon new ideas.

  • I was wondering just yesterday if it was possible to make a site in C2. I guess you answered my question. ;) Nice job.

  • Nice :) I hope that in the future there will be a drag and drop wysiwyg tool for building html5 + css3 websites. Well just the visuals of course. If anyone knows if something like that exists tell me :D

  • Ha, very nice! I was actually wondering when folks were going to start creating sites with Construct.

    Frankly, I think one of the strong points behind Construct is its name, because it doesn't imply gaming in and of itself.

    I think web developers will easily take this up and start creating sites (portions of sites in my case) if they think it's not distinctly for games.

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  • Sites can be made in C2, nevertheless this post and this post kindly warn that that's not C2's main purpose.

    Also you should be aware that a site only made as a C2 app will have low SEO rankings. This might end up as an issue and is one of the reason it is not advised to use C2 for making website.

    Find more reasons here and here.

    Nevertheless in the end you are the decision maker and your website can very well turn those disavantages as strength. It all depends on what you're looking for and your target audience.

    I admit I like the effect on amilton's site, the "opening gates" is pretty cool, but is quite a lot of download in the end for "not much".

    Also, as I don't speak portuguese (I think it's brazilian portuguese, right ?) the content of the site itself is obscur to me ^^

  • The content of the construct on stage gives us a dynamic and very cool animation does not enter in Google searches. yet unfortunately.

  • Too bad you can't just bury search engine read-able content in layer 0 behind everything else that's going on...or can you? <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Look here

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