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  • Hey! Thats for having me! I'm new to this site but I haven't bought construct 2 yet, but I am going to soon. That is IF it can create the main type of games I'm interested in making.

    You see, I want to create simulation games. For example, I'm thinking of games along the lines of virtual villagers, or tamagochi! Like a game where a player can basically "play god" and look after a range of pets that eventually grow up and ultimately restart the cycle by making a new pet!

    So my real question is, does construct have the ability to create this type of game? I dont want to buy it and then find out I can't achieve my real goal XD thanks for your help!

  • Try free version and make sample or a small demo of the game! you will get to know if it can suffice your needs or not.

    But if you considering something 3D it cannot well isometric it can!

    By the way welcome to the community!

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  • What you can make with C2 (as long as its 2D and not an MMO), is nearly always limited by your own talent.

  • you can even make a MMO or 3D Game with C2, but this requires a lot of talent and advanced programming skills.

  • I've been making simulation games, but in the style of old 80s DOS games, as opposed to modern windows games.

  • Thanks alot for your responses XD I'm not trying to make something too advances, I'm only gonna use 2D. thanks for your help again!

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