Simple Tilemap QOL Change Request

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  • When resizing at development time, the tilemap always adds space to the right and bottom regardless of adding width to the left or right of the tilemap.

    This GIF illustrates the issue.

    I simply would like the tiles to shift right when resizing with the little selectors. That's it. Mapping in C2 would be a whole lot more pleasurable with this feature.

    And I know Tiled is preferred, but for quick edits I need to be able to use the editing features in Construct 2.

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  • I've run into this issue before and resorted to just making all my tilemap objects the full layout size, then just drawing what I need. That way if I need to make changes, I don't need to resize anything and it all stays where it should. That may not be an option for you though, not knowing how your game is built.

  • ryanrybot I've done that in the past. With my current game the tilemap extends about 10 or more times the size of my layout so I'd rather not. I could ballpark every level as I create it, but I really just want to be able to keep my tilemaps small and not have to worry about this. Especially if I require some drastic change later.

    I've re-done an entire tilemap level before. That shit is not fun. It is infuriating.

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