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  • My game is working nicelly. But now Im creating a simple splash screen and Im stucked on it! Its really annoying bacause I cant do a simple object blink!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See the pseudo code bellow (is what I need)

    Every 1/2 of a second:

       some_object.visible = not some_object_visible

    Its the only thing I need. I tryed to use Blink behavior and doest work. So I tried using events and does'nt worked. So, I want to know whats the sample form to acomplish a task like that. Thanks in advance.

  • You could always just adjust the object's opacity.

  • ^this

    +>Every 0.5 seconds sprite add to sprite.value("blink") 1

    ->sprite set opacity to sprite.value("blink")%2=0 ?0 :100

  • hum.. nice solutions. Thanks a lot.

  • Why not use the Flash behavior?

  • ^^^exactly what i was thinking

    no need to go through events if you have handy behaviors <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    then again vinians you said "blink behavior does not work"

    are you talking about the prebuilt flash behavior or the one that you are working on?

  • I tryed flash behaviour and doest worked... I ever try a premade behaviour beefore trying to create one by my self...

    I dont know why its doest worked because its a simple sprite....

    But anyway its working now using the miraculous "wait" ...


    You should allow us to set a boolean expression with our own expression, like when we set an integer. If so, we could use thing like:

    visible = not visible, and even more complex expressions.


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  • can you post an example of the Flash behavior not working? Because it solves this problem perfectly and much more easily than the way you're trying to solve it, so we should fix that instead of your events...

  • Ashley This remembered me: Any chance of color tint support so that flash with color would be supported ? I know this would be trivial with WebGL but what about canvas ? Have you discovered any real time method for tinting ?

  • Ashley: Ok friend I will send the .CAPX to you.


    Sended to you via PVT.

  • - turned out you didn't use the Flash action :) (replied to PM)

    kiyoshi - WebGL can color tint, but there's no good fallback for the 2D canvas, so we tend to stick to the lowest common denominator for now. Hopefully we can add it back in when we add WebGL shaders with fallbacks.

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