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  • Why, when I make a sprite in a graphics program of a hand pointing, with the index finger pointing up and save it with the index still pointing north. Why does this program import it into its editor, looking just the way I saved it, yet in gameplay, some how north is now south east? Can we not make sprites and import them just as we made them without spinning, mirroring, and flipping them until we find this programs sweet spot?

  • What are you talking about?

    Sprites are displayed the way you create them, unless you change their angle on the layout, in events, or use some behaviors that can change their angle (8-direction, bullet etc.)

  • I do apologize, I was a little infuriated last night. That's what I thought, but I have created 2 sprites and they both have changed orientation during game play. I'm running a simple SD 9:16 Portrait template and no special coding, just simply importing my sprite, placing it on a layer, and using the rotate toward Touch.X, and Touch.Y. Of course I have the mouse emulation checked, so when I click for the touch action, my sprite, immediately points to the left of the screen.

  • When the screen is not in touch, Touch.X and Touch.Y are 0.

    If you want the sprite to turn to the touch point, do this:

    Touch Is in touch -> Sprite set angle towards position (touch.x, touch.y)

    Also, the image in the sprite (in sprite editor) should be facing right.

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  • That was the fix, Thank you. So do all sprites have to be placed that way, or just the ones with angle towards Mouse or Touch?

  • Default 0 degrees angle in Construct is on the "East", so all (moving/rotating) sprites should be facing right.

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