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  • For over 5 years I have wanted to create game, a game that I actually would play but never really managed to find motivation or right tools. Then I moved into creating websites and learning some basic coding (like java while making minecraft plugins), every now and then I managed to make my friend go insane and forced him to try different game engines (GameMaker for example) but we forget and moved into another things.

    Few days ago I found this, thought "meh, lets try this then". Well, now Im actually making game that I can call game, not two squares jumping while shooting over borders. I managed to get friend excited and it seems we are finally creating game that we have been planning for years, its long hard road but by the look of this community, there is light end of the tunnel.

    So thanks for creating this tool, Im looking forward releasing some sort of alpha build and purchasing personal license once we have all the resources ready.

    To the community, keep up the positive attitude! Even tho I dont spam these boards, I read almost every topic and truly enjoy being part of community that actually helps each other and share games.

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  • it never gets old hearing this...

    CoffeeOD best of luck with your game, and welcome.

  • Hello Young Adventurer ! And welcome to the paradise of lazy devs !

    We hope you like your stay here ! You'll be finding me frequently on the forum ( I'm one of the everlasting C2 users ! )

    Cheers !

  • Nice to meet you, CoffeeOD... love the alias, BTW. I just polished off a pot of java, myself. :)

    I wonder how many of us have the same story? Like you, Coffee, I tried for awhile to bring visions to life with little satisfaction. C2 seems the "lazy dev" dream.

    Hope I'll see ya around!

  • CoffeeOD

    Welcome to the wonderful world of C2. I hope you have fun with it as much as I do.

  • CoffeeOD

    preach on brother, I feel the same, found this by chance and let my imagination go crazy on a game I have been trying to put together for yonks.

    I paid for and started programming courses which have pretty much all fallen by the wayside since i found C2

    faster than learning detailed programming, but I still have months of work ahead of me

    from another very lazy dev

  • Welcome to the forums and glad to hear you're enjoying C2!

  • CoffeeOD welcome to C2 community, bro.

    Awesome feedback! :)

  • Here we go again. After horrible brain fart failures trying to make way too complex game I decided to gave up, felt like I really cant make anything decent.

    Week ago I decided to start Construct again, downloaded all the updated and started working for basic game engine. Now I have actually "working" demo and game that, believe or not, looks like game. This is why I again repeat my thanks, I dont feel like beating dead horse but actually reviving that horse with help of Construct.

    Help from the community (I stalk alot, dont post so much) and easy to use engine it was not painful chore to start again, more like coming home from long day at work and finding fresh pot of coffee.

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