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    so i've noticed that people have a lot of issues with exporting to windows 8, and multiplayer and some other stuff..

    so i've decided to put this educational link here (or in education forum) ... evelopment

    all you have to do is register (maybe not even that but i think you can only watch half the video then) it's free, microsoft virtual academy, it's great and helps with loads of stuff around C2 to understand and use.

    Hmm, why are the people here everytime tell, thats C2 is a non coding and non profi(t) tool, but when users must learn all this behind C2 when they are finished with the game and checking thats the wrapping is a complete disaster ?????

    A seriously question to Scirra, for all they have buy the 329 $ (!!!!!Business-Licence!!!!!).....: How many cost us C3 (money and nerves ) Give it a Price-reduction or other services for the Bug-Disaster from C2? I mean.... ok, some users tell it again and again: "Users have selfmade mistakes" ....but read the last posts. Meanwhile Scirra can not say: Its only a user-problem! Or Third Party Problem : Intel XDK/Crosswalk/Chromium/Node webkit. When i hear this words at the moment i will puke!!!!!!

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    whta is the point of your rumbling?

    if you don't like the software, don't buy it. move along. if you are too dumb to learn some c++ and c# for programming, then i have some bad news for you. you are not for game development, or any kind of software development.


    First: The exporter makes the problems. When i will test the exporter i must buy the full-version of C2. Tell me how can i test it in c2 before <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    Second: And look at this:

    Liquid Gold Microsoft Windows Version: ... oldWin.rar…

    Liquid Gold Linux32 Version:…/LiquidGoldLinux32.rar…

    Liquid Gold Linux64 Version:…/LiquidGoldLinux64.rar…

    Liquid Gold OSX Version: ... oldOSX.rar…


    Its my first game with c2.... all runs beatyful & smoothie (ok in the vid with slower fps.... its the videocaptureing). And yeah, i like to learn new tools! UE, GIMP, Blender...) Dont´t understand me! C2 is a wonderful tool with a great workflow. One of the users have said here in the forum "It´s an orgasmic workflow" But what brings me a funny night when the Person after a long, hot journy in the morning beside me says: "Hey, it was a great night, but sry, i have HIV!" NOTHING!!!!!!

    My second project is canceld because the heavy wrapping problems.... and iam not alone with this problems! Its not a critic to your post. But yeah, in the future we have here in one month or so 100s of "First-Aid" Wrapping Topics in the forum.

    Third: You write that i to dumb to learn c++ and c#? "The Users are the idiots?" <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> Thats make me sooo crazy! Its all time the same shitting arguments in the community here. WAKE UP!!!! ALL!!!! All the Updates C2 brings nothing at the moment with the broken wrapper-methods. It brings me more when i play a round GameDevTycoon. At the least it bring me simulated properity without laugh from other people because the c2 Game is not running smoothie on Galaxy s6 or on desktop with highend-Hardware.

    I have now work with the unreal-engine at the last 3 weeks and have make very large testlevels with lot of trees, lights and other meshes&materials. From day to day i am more angry! 329 $ and months of work. For Nothing! There are no concrete roadmaps for future.... no notes on the startscreen that it gives problems with the wrapper.

    The only things that run is: One User post a problem: 1/3 understand it, 1/3 saying: You are an idiot, search another hobby 1/3 have stolen the Supercomputer from Batmans Cave and saying that the own games are running without problems.... Is this a social experiment here or what!?!?! I will answers!!!! After my heavy post a month before i have big hope for answers..... but Nothing! I have read the forum here in silent for months.... But sometimes its enough and i brake the silent!!!!!

    BasicTribe Way to hijack the thread with your ranting. Nice job.

    saiyadjin Thanks for the link! Great info!


    First: Its not your post personal. basically are tutorials and tipps how can find them very good!


    !62.000 Views and over 1000 replys!

    ok, i stop this here

    Yeah, and now an another Thread here that wakes the hope to bring a solution! Sry, but a programm as c2 response young kids and teenager. See the promises (advert from Scirra. There are a Company that promise, that everyone can make games. I think at the bad ends when you will wrap the game its for many people not a good experience at the Game-Development-Beginning! Read the last Patch-Notes (wonderful, Ashley worked very hard but it brings not when he killed all the bugs or implent new features when the results not running right! And yes, for 329 $ and months of spending time and without a information about the future can i write "rantings"!

    first and foremost - good job on making your game.

    second - i would like that game if i were stuck in 1990s.

    third - if exporting was free people would overuse this software and there would be no point in buying. if you want to test it - export as html,

    run chrome on your device and open your game, try playin. (host on google drive for free).

    4th - don't blame wrappers. there's a lot of them, cordova - crosswalk and intel xdk are free ones. if you want to try something better you better pay monthly supscription to appcelerator or such people. the problems are now just a one time doing and they will get fixed. crosswalk team already made skia which seems to perform ok.

    5th - for some real interaction with unreal engine you need to learn c++ or C# to utilitize it to max potential. using blueprints is fun, but it's limited.

    also you are comparing apples to oranges, c++ is the fastest performing language currently (OOP) - and that's why it's used for AAA games mostly. javascript on the other hand is interpreted language and is very slow. also dynamical. people are working hard on improving it's performance, even the new browser from microsoft shows good improvements, and working with javascript is very free but limiting in terms of knowledge. you really have to be good with it to gain good performance instead of C# where everything performs pretty good even if it's semi bad written.

    also do you think that unreal 4 engine is free? lol. they take you 5% each sell, 30% from all you earn, then there's VAT in your country (i guess germany from your video) which is 19%, alltogether ~40%, then check other "restrictions" from unreal creators... good luck with that it's all i'm sayin.

    it can be used if you have some starting funds like at least a couple of hundred thousands and a few people to help you develop a game.

    that's the power of c2. you buy, you do, you earn, noone stops you.

    6th - let me compare your game with c2 website - you say "there's no note that there's wrapper problems on first page" - i could say for your game there's no note it's not a 3D game, no note for a pixelated game, no note for a bad gameplay that looks 1990ish, then you say "no concrete roadmaps for future" - have you seen

    7th - 1/3 understands the problem, and that 2nd 1/3rd usually understands the problem and says it to people like you who whine and complain about things and don't know anything. and yeah, here's your answers. also i can run all games here that were posted on my pc, don't know about phone because i have ultra old phone (from android 2.3), but recommended is 4.4 or higher.

    8th - well good job on searching the forums for posts about openSSL and crosswalk performance. now go to unreal forums and look around. they all complain about stuff that c2 solved years ago. how to this, how to that. can't do this, can't do that. i'd rather wait for this cw bug to get fixed then go play with unreal engine.

    9th - i wasn't bringing any solution to the current problem, you can't even read my first post. i've added an educational link that deals with movements, multiplayer and exporting to windows 8.1 becasue there are some neat tricks in visual studio to do it. maybe you should read post 10x first before you go into any deeper dwelling, or destroying someone's thread.

    10th - no you can't. if you don't like it, leave it. what's the point. did you give 329$? no? then stfu.

    after all, i don't even know why i answered your bullshit posts, but i know that you're just a bad bad developer whose sole intention is presenting bad things and not doing a god damn thing about it. also the way you talk is so bad that NOONE can take you seriously. some examples of you not being very effective at talking:

    "But what brings me a funny night when the Person after a long, hot journy in the morning beside me says: "Hey, it was a great night, but sry, i have HIV!"" - wtf man? please give some constructive criticism or solutions next time, don't talk like this. grow up.

    " WAKE UP!!!! ALL!!!!" - no need to scream pointless things at people.

    "1/3 have stolen the Supercomputer from Batmans Cave and saying that the own games are running without problems.... Is this a social experiment here or what!?!?! I will answers!!!!" - really? batcave? you must be really college educated academic.

    and now my final question to you - how did you help this community? did you solve a problem? did you help solve a problem? if any of these is answered by no - please leave and don't come back until you develop some human community skills.

    Ashley - now this post (thread) was intended to be a educational link to people who want a bit more inside on the multiplayer, some behaviours and monetization (free from microsoft), and this guy has really ****** me off with it's attitude. i would kindly ask you to delete mine and his posts from this thread, thank you in advance.

    Closing, please do not derail threads with off-topic ranting.

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