Silent Uninstall of Construct2

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  • Hi,

    I'm a school Network Manager. I have silently installed a licensed copy of Construct2 r168 to a number of Desktops across school using Microsoft SCCM. I now want to replace that with version 216. However, even when using the /VERYSILENT command line option, I still get prompted to uninstall the old version before continuing. I have also looked for a way to silently uninstall Construct2 (so that I can run an uninstall of r168 using SCCM and then run a new install of r216) but that option doesn't seem to exist either

    Can someone tell me how I can silently upgrade version r168 to r216?



  • I'm no expert but just an idea. Can't you just uninstall it on one pc e.g. your's then install the new version then just take the files C:\Program Files\Construct 2 and then just delete the directories on the remote computers and then just place the updated C:\Program Files\Construct 2 onto those computers? If you get what I mean?

  • C2 will run off a USB memory stick, so the suggestion from MalizaGames should work.

    Might also be worth tagging Ashley to see if there is a better option for this type of install.

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  • You could try uninstalling it from all computers first (which I think can be done silently), then reinstalling (which should not prompt as it was already uninstalled). Alternatively as pointed out, the install is portable - you can install it on one machine, find some way to copy the install directory to all the machines (and probably a couple of shortcuts), and it will work on all of them. The installer just moves files around.

  • This worked for me: "C:\Program Files\Construct 2\unins000.exe" /SILENT

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