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  • Is there any issue with the signalling server currently? It gets disconnected as soon as the login happens.

    Ashley - As you mentioned sometime back in the forums, it would be very helpful if there is a server status page published.

  • Hey kms, its currently working in my game without any issues. I guess it was just temporarily down?

  • Its somehow not working at my end today morning...As soon as I login, it says -

    Connecting to server...

    Disconnected from signalling server

    Not sure if its getting blocked somewhere...Any way to see what exactly is the issue?

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  • I suggest to try out the official ghost shooter multiplayer example again, if it works there then its in your code, if not then probably some conflict with a firewall. Hope u get it sorted out soon.

  • Thanks GenkiGenga, its the firewall issue! I had recently installed an anti-virus and it has played a spoiled-sport...

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused for this false alarm. However this brings up another issue - if any of the end users were using an antivirus / firewall, shouldn't the error message in our game notify them to unblock the same? Otherwise the end users might think its an issue with the game...Does that make sense?

  • No worries kms. That's a good question, I would expect that it depends on the antivirus software itself whether it shows some kind of message giving you the chance to unblock it but I'm not 100 percent sure to be honest.

  • The signalling server's been running fine, I haven't noticed any problems. Its uptime is currently over 13 days, and we generally only have a minute or two's downtime once a month when "patch tuesday" comes around and Windows Update does its stuff. You should also check for signalling errors and display any that occur, since a common mistake is to accidentally flood the server by sending it stuff every tick, and then it kicks you for exceeding the flood limit.

    Connectivity issues like this are basically standard no matter what technology you're using - antivirus, firewall, exotic router configurations, service outages, Internet traffic flow quirks, etc. etc. all means sometimes connections don't work properly. There's not currently any good way to identify the cause of problems. There's not much advice you can offer except telling users to check their firewalls and internet connection.

  • Thanks Ashley for a comprehensive answer.

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