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  • i know its maybe better to send it directly to ludei i ll do that but this forum is far more quick in responses. i ve got 3 different devices two mobiles and 1 tablet. 2.3.7 the first one 4.2.2 the others i root them and i start installing the cjs. But i cant log in. the codes are right i copy paste them to be sure nothing. i create a new gmail i sync a new account with this email i re-register in ludei with a new account with my new email nothing... The same error: "error parsing the response from the server". anyone knows what im doing wrong?ive done this process so many times...

    edit: with the same username and password i can sign in the ludei's website...strange

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  • its a bug. i went here and download the 1.4.7 on the bottom of the page. ... How-to-use.

    the problem is solved.i put the same username and password and i get inside. Maybe before i install v2 i had the 1.4.7 and it updates so it had already my password. i really dont know. its ludei you never know...

    edit after updating from 1.4.7 it asked me to log in and it again show me the same error...argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

    i have to tell that after the root of my devices:

    alcatel v860 (kitkat version 2.3.7) from 20-30 fps now steady at 30-33

    samsung gio gts5660 root and update from 2.3.6 to 4.2.1 cyanogen mode 10.1 from 20-25 fps now at 40+

    tablet pipo s1 from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 from 33fps now to 85-87 fps (huge boost! but maybe the cpu was locked before root i dont know)

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