Shifted sprites?

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  • I'm curious if anyone else encountered this at all. I was working on updating O-Ring with some tweaks and adding it to the Chrome web store when I noticed something odd.

    None of the levels were touched, but once I published some of the levels weren't neatly lined up anymore. I checked and double checked my layouts in Construct 2 and they look fine, but when I play the online versions or test it some of the pieces are slightly off position.

    Did I do something? Or was it something changed in one of the releases?

  • I've noticed this too, actually.

  • What do you mean "off-position"? Can you show a screenshot?

  • So this is what it looks like. It wasn't like this in previous versions when I exported.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Any luck with this so far? Sometimes when I publish, certain levels are okay and others are shifted. Seems like each time I publish it's a bit of a toss up what happens for some reason.

  • I've no idea why this might happen. Are the objects positioned by events? Does minifying the script affect it? If you can reproduce this in a new project that would be great.

  • Hmm....I'm not really sure if this affected it, but it seems like when the layouts are open when I export the project it seems to be fine. Before when I exported some of the level layouts weren't open.

    I'm can't tell if that was really the problem. Could have been an issue moving between different releases of Construct? I dunno. Seems okay now.

  • There was a bug a few releases back involving hotspots. One of the release's notes stated you had to open every layout in the project then save the project to fix the issue permanently. Maybe you missed that? Perhaps if you try it it'll fix something?

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  • Yes, I might of missed that, or I went back to an older file when I published. Anyway, it seems alright now. It was starting to scare me a bit if the whole game was thrown off. XD

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