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  • Hi just a quick question about Sheeky's sound collection.

    It doesnt mention anywhere whether the sounds are royalty free and therefore after purchase whether we are free to use them in any games we officially release etc.

    This is a bit confusing especially as all the items in the music shop show the royalty free mini logo... Could you confirm how the sound effects work legally speaking.

    Thank you.

  • Dear AJ,

    Yes the sounds are provided royalty free, sorry it's not clear! I'll modify the listing so this is clearer. The exact text in the download reads as:

    *** Licence ***

    1. Any purchased sound effect can be used or modified for use in any presentation whether free or commercial without royalty and without accreditation.

    2. Example sounds may not be used or distributed.

    3. Distribution of any sounds to any third party for use as sound effects is not permitted.

    4. All sounds are orignal recordings from the sound source or created using synthesis from original samples or raw waveforms.

    *** Credits ***

    Recorded and/or synthesized by Mark Sheeky of IndieSFX under licence.

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  • Great! Thanks for clearing that up!

  • thank you, i thought it was the case but wanted to make sure before purchasing :)

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