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  • Hi all

    My new game, Froogies, is about ready for test launch. I would like to add a Share feature that will hopefully make the game to spread around.

    The Facebook and Twitter plugins may do some of the trick, but what I'm most interested in is an access to the device's share action (via SNS) that suggests many options for sharing (MMS, whatsapp, mail, fb, twitter, etc.).

    The only solution I found so far is cranberrygame 's ShareApp plugin. (the plug is highlighted at the bottom of the post).

    This plugin is not sold separately, only with the entire pack, so I would like to know if anyone have successfully utilized it before I pay....

    Ideas for optional solutions are welcome


  • MaorKeshet

    Following app uses ShareApp plugin ==> ShareApp.Share app via facebook, ShareApp.Share app via twitter, ShareApp.Share app via google+ ... ckupsticks

    But Upper may not be your interest.

    You seems to have interest in using many options for sharing (MMS, whatsapp, mail, fb, twitter, etc.). ==> ShareApp.Share app

    See following, you can see screen when you use ShareApp.Share app. (ShareApp plugin uses following native plugin on mobile) ... Gap-Plugin


  • cranberrygame thnx for the links. Access to the share widget is exactly what I've been looking for.

    Few questions:

    1. I respect your work and I don't have any problem to pay for the plugin package. I would only like to verify that I can utilize it the way I plan.

    Is it possible that you upload a screenshot of the plugin conditions and actions?

    2. On the Pick the Sticks example the share widget is accessible only via the google highscores. Will I be able to simply add one share button that will activate the widget?

    3. Are all the features on the sticks app included in the full pack of your plugins? Do all plugins have capx examples?

  • MaorKeshet



    Share via facebook: (only link is automatically pasted on android)

    Share via google+:

    Share via twitter:

    Share via whatsapp: (only supported on android, ios, wp8)

    Share via line: (only supported on android, ios, wp8)

    Share via sms: (only supported on android, ios, wp8)

    Share via email: (only supported on android, ios, wp8)

    Share: (only supported on android, ios, wp8)

    2. Yes

    3. Yes


  • MaorKeshet


    Share: (only supported on android, ios, wp8)

    So the share widget is called with this general share action?

    (I'm sure you will support if required, but I prefer to get the idea before I start... )

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  • MaorKeshet

    Yes, you are right.

  • Posts from cranberrygame's google+ community:

    [quote:qbv804tv]Maor Keshet wrote:

    When I try to build a crosswalk app that is using the Phonegap:Share plugin, I get the following message on the XDK build log:

    The build failed. An error occurred while building the application. A plugin that was included in the build could not be retrieved. Please update the plugin and resubmit the build.

    Error: Plugin failed to install: nl.x-services.plugins.socialsharing (nl.x-services.plugins.socialsharing)

    I have set the required name/ID/repo URL on "Get Plugin from the Web". What am I doing wrong????

    [quote:qbv804tv]Sang Ki Kwon (Cranberrygame) wrote:

    Phonegap Share plugin was updated to ShareApp. (upgrade is required)

    If you purchased only Phonegap Share plugin,

    forward your purchase email to my email (cranberrygame at

    Or if you are full package purchaser, download ShareApp in member area.



    I need the ability to share different items (app d/l page, hiscore, leaderboard entry etc.) As you can see from the discussion above, you said yourself that I need the Share plugin, not the ShareApp plugin. So your answer doesn't adress my problem I bought the full pack because I need this feature. Please suggest a solution. Thanks.

  • Talked with MaorKeshet


  • I implemented the shareApp plugin instead of the Share plugin.

    No problems on the XDK build and full functionality on the installed apk.

  • just dropping by to say hello cheers

  • Hello! I try cranberrygame ShareApp under Android with beta version apk (full release has not yet been),

    and it not working as expected. Share via Facebook makes emty post without my message, game picture and link.

    All required fields of ShareApp in C2 filled out

    beta version of apk is reason?

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