Sharing common files between exported projects

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  • I asked this question a while ago about sharing assets in projects. This time, I want to share files when I export my projects as HTML5 Websites.

    I looked through the file structure of the exported projects, and they are pretty much the same, and in both of my projects, my assets and files are identical. I was wondering if I could merge all of my projects into one folder so all the projects share the same folder.

    I am making a browser game that runs full screen. I am also making a dynamic website in HTML5/CSS3/JS, and am using C2 to do some of the elements, mainly the player stats and the message board "widgets" on the player's homepage of the website. The player image files are identical in all three projects.

    The thing that struck me was the c2runtime.js file. I went through the index.html file and saw the comment stating that you could rename the file. I do not want to go on with this untull i have had some confirmation that I can use the same image files with different projects, so I dont accidently break my computer :P.

    Anyone got some insight on this? I think, theoretically it is possibe, I just want to be sure. I really dont want 3 or 4 copues of the same file on my computer, when I could just reuse the images for the different projects.

    <font size="6"><font color=red>TL;DR</font></font>

    I want to merge my 3 projects so that they share the same files, save for the c2runtime.js file. Is this possible?

  • Why not just make it all in one project?

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  • Because the three projects are able to run simltaneously; two projects on the Player's homepage, and one project running in tis own window (the actual multiplayer game)

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