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  • After reading through the tutorials and post, has not become clear to me the following question:

    You can use the extension "CocoonJS.Social.Facebook" of CocoonJS and integrate from C2? What I want from the APP compiled for Android, Facebook sharing different events when the user clicks a button.

    It is possible?

    It has been talked about similar issues, but have not found a clear answer, much less a solution.

    thanks in advance

  • In my opinion the cocoonjs plugin is sorrowfully out of date. Cocoonjs now has Social APIs but we have no access to them because no one wants to own the plugin - which is a bit bizarre given that cocoonjs is the only real export option for C2 onto iOS.

  • Bad news!

    There is no way to implement it with a custom script?

    I will write with Ludei to see if they can give some reference

    thank you very much

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  • Custom script is beyond me unfortunately - I'd be very interested if you found anything out from the on this. Maybe with a bit of coercing they'll update their plugin. It's a bit sad because they show superficial support on their website for the plugin, with a tutorial written in Nov 13 for in app purchases I think, but no update....

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