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  • I have a question, I'm going to get help from some people to create a game in Construct 2, I have bought the Personal Edition and I wonder, I'm I able to hand my license over to another computer so they can have Construct 2 Pro, and after we are done, can I remove the license from their computer and keep the only version on mine?

    Basically, can I move the license around on different computers without damaging the license?

    This is so I can have my laptop free and write the script for the game, where and when things will happen and have other people working on their computers, having one that has pro and the other two the normal version and then transfer the events to the one with Pro

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  • You can't do that.

    See THIS for how licenses work.

    You are allowed to install C2 on as many machines as you like AS LONG as you are the only person using them. Other people would need there own license(s).

  • okey, thank you

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