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  • I know it's only just come out but I'm noticing that the warp effects aren't working in FF 14.0.1, they work fine in Chrome. Anyone else get this?

  • I notice they completely mess up my computer. I can't look at the layout or anything. Drivers are up to date though. The effects work in Chrome but just not in the editor.

  • Perhaps webgl is not enables in ff on your computer?

    To turn it on:

    Go to address about:config

    type in webgl

    set "webgl-force-enabled" to true

  • Thanks R0J0hound, I assumed because other shaders are working that it was turned on. I've now set "webgl-force-enabled" to true but still no joy. :( Are there any other setting that need turning on?

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  • Well I'd go with chrome for your testing for now.

    The computer I'm on right now has a very old graphics card so webgl shaders don't work at all. It only support opengl 1.4 and I think you need support for at least opengl 2.0 to get shaders working in the editor.

    It is probably falling back to canvas2d in firefox. You could try setting "webgl.prefer-native-gl" to true and see if that works. I imagine it will if the effects are working in the editor.

  • All effects look as they should in the editor. Tried setting "webgl.prefer-native-gl" still no luck. I have a Nvidia GeForce 8800 graphics card and drivers are up to date. Is this hapenning to anyone else?

  • I also have OpenGL 3.3.0.

  • Create a text object and add an event "start of layout: set text to renderer" and see if it says webgl. If it says canvas2d can you run any other webgl shader demos from around the internet from firefox?

  • Yup, says 'webgl" for renderer and I can run all the ones from

  • From my quick tests, most webGL fx works in firefox except water.

    The image distorts in the editor, it does distort too in chrome, but it doesn't when I preview in FF 14.0.1

    Apart from this fx though, the others I've been trying are working.

    Edit: I've just tested a combination Glass+GrayScale, and it happens to be flipping the over cog and under texture in the "WebGL shader effects.capx". Not really something I would have expected.

    But it does in FF and chrome (in the editor, it only flips the under texture).

  • I've noticed some of the Warp effects don't work in the latest Firefox stable (14). However, they work in the latest Firefox Nightly (17), so I think it's a Firefox bug. It should be fixed when Nightly makes its way to stable in a couple of months. Chrome seems to be working fine in the mean time.

  • Phew!

  • Warp effects now work in the latest version of FF v15

  • Great, good to hear!

  • Yeah every effect is fine for me in Firefox 15

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