is this how i would setup a type multiplayer game?

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  • the main question is in regards to how such a game would be setup and run on a dedicated server. I've read the intro tutorials on the multiplayer plugins and played around with the samples provided (chat room, pong).

    1) I'm thinking that there would be an instance of the game that's constantly running on the server.

    2) When a player goes to the website hosting the game, the first screen they see is the login. After entering their name, choosing their skin, etc...

    3) they get sent to the main layout of the game, which would have other players already in it (hopefully) doing their thing.

    In a peer to peer setup, which to my understanding is how the Construct 2 multiplayer plugin works, once the game starts new players are not able to join that particular instance of the game since it's disconnected from the signalling server, which is required to tell the host peer who exactly is connected.

    Is my understanding of the multiplayer flow correct?

    Is the dedicated server running the game constantly considered the host peer?

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