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  • Hello pls guys who can describe a way of setting limits in creation of turrets in my game, they seem so unlimited

  • I'm a bit confused as to what you mean? If you're creating the turrets, you control how many, when, and where... I'm not sure what you mean by setting limits...

  • Well, this is often said about threads like these, and i guess i'll have to say it once again: you aren't being very descriptive, bud.

    Could you provide us with a .capx file of the game in question?

    Or, if you don't want to do that, could you at least take a couple of screenshots of script sheets in question / what is happening on the screen?

    And if you don't feel like doing any of those things, could you at least say something more about your problem than the current "Turrets OP! Wat do? Halp!"

    Sorry if i come across as mean, but we really need more details to speak of a situation...

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  • He probably means clamping the turret angle... If that's the case, use the search.

  • Sounds like he is using the template to create a Tower Defense game. Hoping that it's a full enough game to distribute.

    Templates are exactly that. Templates. They are the core foundation to make a game. Not the result of the long process of making a game. There is going to be a lot of work to take from template to finish.

    This includes counting the current number of turrents with

    Compare 2 Values

    Turret.Count < TURRETMAX variable you created.

    And then you will likely need more past that.

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