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  • Hey there, quick request for the Tilemap object. Being able to set a tile's opacity would be awesome!

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  • At run time?

    If its all one object then that may not be possible.

  • Well considering you can set tiles at runtime, would it be that hard just to reset the tile with the same value and a different opacity?

  • I guess it depends on how the render is set up.

    If its like a paste like the canvas object, then it might be possible.

  • Could you just have multiple tiles of the same image at different opacity?

  • Hey , that's what I'm doing now, but it's not particularly flexible unfortunately.

  • I'm a bit wary of further requests like "how about making tiles rotate", "how about adding behaviors to tiles", etc. I think the Sprite object already does all of this pretty well. Is it manageable to just have a hole in your tilemap, stick in a sprite of that tile, then do funky things with that?

  • I don't think tilemaps should be the end all for things as then the sprite object would not be used as much.

    I think a better way to refer to the sprite object is calling it an entity.

    Tilemaps are the environment, so you want to modify the environment. However in major games the base environment is static while the environmental objects that are not static are entities.

    There is a couple ways to do what you want

    1) Use a 2nd tilemap (you said it was inflexible)

    2) Use tiles that are blank/bright colored and have the game on load check for those tiles in the tilemap, change the tiles, and spawn entities there.

    This makes it so you automate the entity creation and can modify and re-parse the tilemap accordingly during runtime.

    3) Manually place the entities.

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