Set Object 1 [boolean] to Object 2 [boolean]

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  • Right now, setting an instance boolean variable is limited to toggling the true/false value of the variable. But I'd like to see a feature where I can set the boolean of one instance variable to the value of another boolean instance variable.

    For instance...

    Object 1 hits object 2. Both have a boolean instance value "is hit". Upon object 1 registering there is a collision, its "is hit" boolean changes to "true". Object 2 (for whatever reason) checks the value of Object 1's "is hit" (now "true") and says "set Object 2 'is hit' to the value of Object 1 'is hit'".

    This way it works just like other variables where Variable1 can set its value to whatever Variable2's value is (be it string or number).

    Can we do this?

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