how to set HTTP header variables using ajax call

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  • hi,

    I like to set header variables for my ajax call rather than using POST or GET variable.

    Is there a way to do that???

    Note:- i have a rest API that requires me to send HTTP header variables like public key etc. So it is necessary for me to set HTTP header variables

  • Most of http related calls to apis are processed by means of passing variables in the url parameters.


    url = ""

    data = "id=12345&key=6789"


    url = ""

    If you really require custom set headers, you will need to do some custom javascripting through the browser object and use/refer XmlHttpRequest in your coding.

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  • is there any plugin available for this type of work???? I am amaze that this is not provided by construct2....suppose if i want to do that then what should be starting point do i need to create new plugin to code javascript?

  • This is probably something that is not implemented yet.

    Meanwhile, you have two options:

    Either modify the ajax plugin and add options for modifying headers (shouldn't be that hard to do, but requires you to learn a bit of the SDK)

    Or set up a server-side request proxy, that takes your request, modifies the headers, and forwards it to the destination - you'll need to know a server-side language (such as PHP) for that.

    I recommend the first option.

  • Fimbul based on your answer i have made my own custom ajax plugin but strangely it does not work when i use header variables. It is not sending the server variables for some reasons and after spending more than 4 hours i am unable to figure out why...

    But when i tried a simple html page with javascript code and it worked... Both codes are identical but not sure why in C2 prototype object it doesnt work at all...

    if(method_ === "POST" && data_ && hdata_)
                        if (request["setRequestHeader"])
                             request["setRequestHeader"]("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
                             request["setRequestHeader"]("X-UserMail", "");
                             request["setRequestHeader"]("X-Number", "hdj2wds2323d723");
                             request["setRequestHeader"]("X-Token", "80e68a46796cf0085afc45067b83273043bb685e864ec99058b609d29f34523e");
                             alert("HDPOST "+request["setRequestHeader"]);
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