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  • Hello Everybody,

    I have created a game. I have tried to get it to work on android devices. It works great in firefox and uses camera capture. But when testing in chrome it will not allow the camera feature. I tried to compile as android but still can't get the camera feature to work. So is there a way to set which browser runs while the game is playing? Or does any body know when chrome will support the camera feature? I would really love to get this game working on android. No I am not sharing the .capx as it is a one of a kind app at this time. I have a whole line of apps that I wish to create but if I can't get the camera to work in construct 2 for mobile I will have to look for another platform to design them on. I already know flash is not supported on most devices and is being whipped out. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks JC

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