How can I set to auto fit any screen resolution?

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Adjusting the game screen for different resolutions (Letterbox scale)
  • How can I set my app to auto fit any screen resolution ?

    I read and re-read the tutorial on multiple screen size and other threads in the forum, but I can not get a satisfactory result with the synergy Construct2 + Cocoonjs, I'll explain why ... for example I try to create a simple play for my galaxy s2 (800x480 resolution) and then how to put 800x480 resolution of the layout of course .... then tried it with a friend's galaxy galaxy note (1280x800 resolution) and nexus tablet 7'(1280x800 resolution), and appears to be a white stripe on the right side or downside, now, as I said I've tried every solution described in the tutorial and in the forum, changed all kinds of scale mode .. and so I ask you .. how do you think I can solve this problem? is a problem of C2 or Ludei? Thanks in advance, I hope someone answer me

  • CocoonJS doesn't support letterbox scale, so you can only use either Scale inner or Scale outer. The multiple screen sizes tutorials covers how to design games that still look correct in these modes (you have to support multiple aspect ratios). It's a little more difficult than just using letterbox mode, but shouldn't be too much work.

  • thank you very much for answers, you are very kind, however, had figured out how to overcome the problem thanks to pm to kyatric, thank you again :)

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  • 2Jumbo Any chance you could share the solution with us? Then you could also update the subject on this thread to show [Solved] or [Resolved] so that others can know it has an actual solution.

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