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  • Hi guys!!!

    I have build HTML5 games using construct2 r139

    i need an array which set to global variable;

    the array columns are stage and status;

    when user has been played in stage 1, status is 1; else if stage 2 has been not played set status 0;

    this array will check in another event sheet, so I need to set this array to global as like as global variable.

    Please help me, i do need it.

  • I was curious as to why you'd be using "construct2 r139", so I googled it.

    You won't get help with that version, firstly because everybody is on r163, and secondly..., well it doesn't need to be said really.

    You've been using it for what, 6 months. Scirra even has had a special sale since then. What you need is to go to a newer version of C2.

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  • "Array" is an object type. That means you can use the array you made regardless of event sheet or layout.

    Before that, please write this kind of thread in "How do I...?" forum board.

    Second, read manual and tutorial first if you have a question about the basic features.

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