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  • Hi all,

    I wander is it possible to use construct with server based architecture? I am going to create some online board games, allowing people playing with each other and as I don't want to allow them cheating, I definitely need a central server. I am going to program server part in C++ (with RAkNet) and need some way to easily create game graphic interface - it may be construct, or some library, 2D engine or even HTML 5 animation software, like Hippo. At this moment I am looking for easiest way to reach my aims. So, as title says, is it possible to use construct for server server based online games, instead of p2p?

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  • If you search the forum and tutorials you will find what you're searching for

  • as said, a quick search will find you lots of options

    there's webrtc for realtime comms, if you don't want to support Internet explorer

    there's scirra's hosted multiplayer plugin and server

    there's the ajax plugin which makes RESTful API's easy for turn based or asynchronous games

    then there's websocket as well.

    so a lot depends on what you want to do )

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