How to serve Ads more than once in an html5 game?

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  • Hey, what behavior/command would make an interstitial ad appear within the game?(and not just at the start) Like what would the set up look like to summon an ad after certain conditions are met like say the match is over?

    I found a thread with an answer, but now I can't find it even after 2 hours of searching, and I'm super exhausted at the moment so I can't think straight. I just keep finding stuff like people complaining about kongregate(yet I can't find anything like how to implement ads to appear when and how??)

  • ads in Kongregate show up based on the APIs initialization you cant control it

  • I see, so that is the current capability of C2 regarding Kongregate? I saw in a long thread on Kongrregate's new api that it was now possible to call interstitial ads any where in the video, although C2 doesn't support it and the only way is for somebody to make a plugin for it.

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  • You can so with rex Kongregate plugin,but you can only use it if they unlock the feature for you

  • I just got the rex kongregate plugin, but it only has reward ads and no option for interstitial ads.

    Wouldn't it be possible to use the browser plugins "run javascript" command to be able to grab a kong insterstitial ad and display it at any point in the game(like at the end of a level)?

    I don't care about the kreds or items, I just wanted to put in interstitials. IF the ad that appears on start up is the only ad, then how about using Browser plugins "Reload" command, to reload the game every 2 to 3 plays? Then that would cause the start up AD to display again, instead of just displaying once and the player plays indefinitely without seeing ads again afterwards.

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