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  • Hi,

    I am wondering what are the best methods to sell your finished games.

    When I export it to iOS, it is a normal app and the users can buy and download it, that is just fine.

    But what happens if I want to sell the game as a PC Game? I just can put my game on a website, but how to manage that only users who paid for the game, can play it? How to manage save games?

    When I use cookies to save the progress, the progress is gone with clearing the cookies or using CCleaner. No one will pay 15$ for a game on a website. The single player game would require internet or at least a browser installed on the computer.

    How to face this problems?


  • Good questions, Im also quite intrested to know about offline data storage without fear of losing it. I had an idea to use XML file to store information but not sure if file is saved to your HD, havent tried since for now I dont need that offline features. For online we use database (mysql) to store player(s) information and load/save them when needed using simple register/login system.

    About selling your game, you could read and see if there is any ideas which would benefit you.

    Another option is Steam Greenlight, I found few games that are made using this engine and submitted their game at Steam Greenlight.

    Save the Creatures

    Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon


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  • Is an export function to .exe files planned for the future? Html 5 kind of limits the possibilities on pc, while it increases the possibilities on mobile devices.

  • Astrosus you can already export to exe with Awesomium (The upcoming node-webkit export will do it even better).

    As for selling a purely html5 game, market.js is a good website to start.

  • thanks for the tip, I will try Awesomium too. Of course the free version. 2900 $ for such a program seems very expensive.

  • 2900 $ for such a program seems very expensive.

    You only need to buy the US$2900 professional licence if you make $100,000 or more in a year, at which point it is actually quite affordable. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I think in the longer term node-webkit will probably end up the better option, but for now Awesomium is functional -- noting that there are a few problems that may have to be handled -- and makes for a good option if you're not comfortable using node-webkit by hand.

    For a browser-based game you could require that users log into your game and then authenticate account details to ensure they have paid. This often works well with a "freemium" style set-up where the basic game is free but players can pay small amounts to add additional features or capabilities to their account.

  • Awesomium is dead and slower than Chrome, so we're waiting for node-webkit implementation or something better.

  • Keep in mind that Ashley is working on node-webkit implementation as we speak - hopefully it will be out quite soon!

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