selling a game with items from asset store?

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  • Hi

    is it ok to sell games that contain assets bought from the C2 store?

    i have a personal licensee.

  • Yep, it is!

    As long as you don´t resell the assets itself, you are allowed to use them on commercial projects.

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  • The exception to this is games with source:

    [quote:3h3qrdzx]2. Provided CapX Source Files

    Game source files (the “Source Files”) which are usually provided in the CapX file format are strictly permitted for use for personal educative and learning purposes.

    You are not permitted to claim ownership of any derivative works you create from the Source Files.

    You are only permitted to privately distribute derivative works amongst friends and family in person (not online), strictly for demonstrative purposes.

    You are not permitted to distribute derivative works in any other way, including but not limited to online publishing/distribution, public demonstrations, for sale, or accessible to the general public in any form.

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