Can I Sell My Game to a Person Who Don't Have C2 Licence?

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  • Hi guys,

    Can i sell my exported for android or ios game which included admob to people who doesn't have Construct 2 personal or business licence?They will earn money with it.

  • u can sell the game yes, you cant give them the source i think


    As Newt said, yes you can do sell everything you produce with C2 if you got a license ! but the ones who buy it they have to contact scirra to get a license in order for them to resell the source game i think. since the rulles are simple, you make a C2 game and want to sell it for cash, you need a license. The buyers if they buy a C2 game and resell the source then its falling in that terms i think, but not if they only take the game like you said compiled formats.

  • You can do whatever you like with anything you produce with the C2 editor, aside from granting that whom ever you sell something to has permission to use the editor without a license, or somehow grants that person special rights that can only be negotiated though Scirra.

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  • ,@newt Thank you guys!

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