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  • Hi, when you have a game, do you sell it to various online stores etc google play, chrome store OR made it free with ads or ingame purchases?

    which is the better options to earn and to have exposure?

  • Depends on the game. There are lots of articles, analysis and thoughts of this on places like gamasutra. There is not "this is better than that" answer, it depends entirely on situation. :)

  • I would say to sell it for publishers.

    Selling it on Google Play and other stores might be good if the game is good enough.

  • Also, to clarify you don't sell your game "to" the marketplaces. You actually have to pay to put your games up there (Usually $100 a year). They don't buy your game, they just host it so that the customers can buy it.

    Personally I am going with the approach of having a free ad supported version and an ad free paid version.

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  • If you use google play (25$, forever) or itunes (100$/year), you will need a bit of promotion in nearly all the cases.

    google play works better with free+ads, because users buy less. Publishing the game 2 times (free+paid) may be worse because the position in the market is modified with more visits, and if you have 2 apps for the same game, you will divide the visits in 2 apps.

    My next game will be free with ads and if i can, i will add IAP for buying the full game and remove ads.

  • yea i am thinking of putting my game free on certain store and paid on the other stores, is it not a good idea after all?

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