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  • Hello,

    I like to keep things ordered, so I always create subfolders inside the main "Object Types" folder (in the Project Panel). Problem is that, after I import various sprites, I have to drag them one by one to change their folder. Would it be possible to allow multi-selection inside the Project Panel? It might seem like a minor thing, but it's kind of a huge time-waster.



  • +1 for this. Using Spriter for animations and I have to constantly delete a large number of sprite objects whenever animations are updated in Spriter. Selecting one at a time in the Projects Panel is incredibly frustrating. Hopefully implementing multi select is a minor issue and can be addressed in a near future C2 patch.

    Ashley, please don't make us wait for Construct 3 to have multi-select!!!

  • +1

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  • We had a feature request like this already, it was about selecting and deleting/moving multiple objects at once.

    If you insist on Ashley's exact words from the response I could take a few minutes and go through my post history but his response was basically saying that: "There will be no changes made for C2, however he will consider improving this part of the editor within C3".

    So I guess don't get your hopes up for an update and continue with the current working but annoying method.

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