Have you seen infinity? I have lol!!!

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  • I was working on a pinball game today and I wanted to multiply the score but when I ran the layout the score text just kept going blank and I tried re-sizing the text and going line by line through my event sheet but could not figure out why it was doing that.

    I ran the layout again and was just sitting there frustrated when all of a sudden the text read "INFINITY" and I almost fell over laughing.

    I had forgot to reset the variable to tell the script to stop multiplying so it was not able to set the score text while it was busy getting the score and finally reached the point where it stopped multiplying and just read infinity.

    I am glad C2 designers thought of that problem and put in a way to notify us if it happens but it sure was good for a laugh after being frustrated over a score that would not show up.

    That is my game programming adventure for the day!

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