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  • Hi, where could I get the support apart from this forum? Since I developed game and failed to export to android (this walkthrough work well in previous several developed games, just this one not work). If I post the CAPX here the public could get the source.

    Where could I get the support via email? thanks.

  • You don't have to post a Capx to receive help. How are you exporting(step-by-step)? Are you trying Crosswalk if so post to build log. Are you Reciving any errors when your build fails? if we cant help based of any of that(we should be able to) I'm willing to help you just send a PM

  • Thanks, I made the game, export as html5 (embed mode), then import to xdk and build as crosswalk android. The game apk finally show a blank screen.

  • You shouldn't be exporting as html. Rather choose the Android export, and put all of those exported files into the www folder of your XDK project. Also be sure to check on things in the emulator before you upload and build. If nothing shows there, you're missing some files.

  • Thanks for your advice, I tried the walkthrough export as android --> crosswalk via android. The app just shows a blank black screen for a second then pop out.

  • The only time I have experienced a white screen is if the files aren't in the correct location.

    If you have already created the project in IntelXDK then make sure the game files are all placed in the 'www' folder.

    If not, click on 'New Project' then 'Import an Existing HTML5 Project' and select the folder you exported your project to from C2.

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  • It works now thanks! I simply removed all audio and sound effects, it works.

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