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  • In my opinion current "search" option in Events tab is rather "Filter" than search.

    After "Searching" it filters all events and shows only that I was looking for. Thats inconvenient when I want to find whole piece of code that consists specific variable/object/action etc.

    I have to:

    1. Filter ("Search") to the variable/object/action I'm looking for,

    2. memorize line number,

    3. turn of filter ("Clear search"),

    4. scroll to that line of code.

    Would it be possible to:

    1. change confusing name of filter function?

    2. add real search?

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  • I agree, it's actually a bit useless since you may have the reference you searched in multiple event sheets, which becomes a fricken nightmare when debugging.

    It would be nice if it had a nice search view with every line it appears, in every event sheet, and any objects that might "relate" to the search term.

  • I've posted about this before. I even think I put in a feature request. It would be nice to at least be able to go to a highlighted event (after you close the search) without having to scroll and look for it.

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