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  • Hi,

    Often I need to look for a object type use across many event sheets. For example, where was GameDataDictionary used? This is in particularly needed before I want to delete it, to ensure that i have't missed a use of it somewhere.

    It would be great if there was a search that at least lists all the event sheets the object type appears.

    Currently, I am exporting the game as project files and do a grep outside of C2. having this integrated would be much more efficient.

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  • Currently you can't do that. I also do an external search sometimes. One small tip, if you click on the object on the project tree view, and no properties are displayed for the object, then you know it is not used anywhere.

  • Thanks for the tip. I had learned about it some time ago in the forum.

    This tip works for all objects that have instances. But objects such as Dictionary or Array, it doesn't work. Also, it would be nice to have for global variables.

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