I get seams between sprites when I export to crosswalk ?

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  • I get seams between sprites when I export to android crosswalk ? I noticed this only happens if their device does not have the exact resolution of my game(1280px*720px).


    I set the fullscreen mode to "Scale Inner".

    My game resolution is 1280*720

    Sprites don't seam on PC.


  • Seams can happen sometimes. But to be able to help you should provide a .capx, or all I can do is say they happen sometimes.

  • Ashley : I cut a part of my game project to focus on a single Layout and also to reduce file size so that it will be easier for you to evaluate the problem.


    1) Seams show when I export to crosswalk android and it commonly happens to devices that doesn't have the screen resolution size the same as my game (1280*720).

    2)Seams becomes bigger or more noticable when I zoom the using the LayoutScale + Lerp.

    3)Seams shows up commonly on lower specs phone (below Android 4.3) but it also shows up above or equal 4.3 Android Version. This is because the screen resolution of the other phones still not the same as the game resolution size(1280*720) even when they have better and faster speed.


    1) This doesn't appear on preview on Computer(Tested on Acer Aspire Switch 12)(NWJS).

    2) Tested Devices that has seams:

    *Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (4.1.2 Jellybean)

    *Samsung Galaxy J7 (5.1 Lollipop)

    *Samsung Galaxy S (4.2.2 Jellybean)

    3)Tested Devices that has no seams:

    *Samsung E7 (4.4 Kitkat)

    Ohh Yeah Ashley - The .capx I gave you is a cut part of my game project .capx, so it is very possible that there are bugs since I just deleted the event sheets, objects, familiies, plugins and etc. So I am not sure if other features of the game might not work, I am sure though that the On-Screen Controls can't be used and you have to use the arrow keys and also the animations will not work since I kind of deleted the events.

    "But I made sure that the zoom(lerp + layoutscale) that causes the seams to get bigger and the graphics and object placements are still there(so that you can evaluate what causes the seams." & also the Project Properties and Layers, I did not touch them so you can also evaluate them."

    Capx. : Deleted

    Thank you very much Ashley for taking time to fix this . This is a problem that I was having a hard time on and now I really need help.


    Another question (but related to the .capx):

    As you can see, I use the same Sprite for the Behavior "Platform" and the "Design of the character" . And sometimes I can trigger a glitch especially on AI collision and Character + AI collisions. And sometimes my AI Platformer (having one sprite with both "Platformer Behavior" + "Design") gets a hard time jumping and checking for walls simultaneously.

  • I don't have the "Layout transition" plugin. Can you make an example in a new empty project, similar to the bug report guidelines?

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  • Ashley - New link: Deleted

    I removed the LayoutTransition plugin. I did not create a new empty project since I don't really know which causes the seams on mobile and I might remove them and nothing will be resolved. But I already removed anything that is not useful in finding out the problem. The file size is already low enough about 2 mb and 1 layout only and few event sheets and 170+ events. Since the event's are not really the cause of the seams except on zoom(Layoutscale + lerp), then removing more events will not matter. You are smart, you'll find out.

  • Ashley - Nevermind about the .capx file, I found out that the seams only happens when exported from IntelXDK since when I previewed through mobile wifi LAN from Construct 2 it works fine and no seams. And I do not know the reason yet. Do you by any chance know a possible reason for this Ashley ?

  • Usually it's floating point scaling, scrolling or positioning, with certain project settings.

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