SDK manual sort of lacking and plugin dev is messed up....

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  • Hello,

    I have been going over the sdk as of late ( not the first time) and feel there is a lot of information missing.

    For example, in a plugin or behavior you could include code in tick2 or pretick or even posttick. When are those called? Do I need to use posttickme or pretickme? or do they run automatically? Do I need to un tick them some how when they are destroyed?

    You won't find that in the sdk. You have to figure it out yourself. And there is alot more. Did you know, for example, that in preview.js there are explicit references to certain behaviors (such as solid and shadowcaster). This means that if you want to write attributes like "solid" and have them work with a behavior like platform, then you have to edit the core engine running your game.

    I haven't yet fully read through the relevant code (I would be happy if someone has and can shed some light on this) but it seems to me the way behaviors works is sort of messed up if I need to edit preview.js to really get things working. Every time there is an update I would have to edit it again. Is this really the case????

    I know this isn't a fair comparison, but it took like two days to learn how to code for unity, whereas construct is a pain to code for... I feel like I need to make an auto coder to just add get and set actions, conditions, and expressions for variables... Anyway, I'm off topic...

    The point is that I find the lack of documentation on the sdk somewhat annoying... especially compared to the main manual, which is very comprehensive.


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  • The best thing to do is just look at other plugins, and ask on the forum, where, unlike some forums, you'll almost certainly get an answer.

    The SDK documentation has never been that extensive, and somehow quite a few people (including myself) have managed to put a plugin together. Most plugins are freestanding from the engine code, but solid is one exception.

    Unlike Unity, there really isn't an engine SDK, which is unlikely to change for C2, but seems to be on the radar for C3.

    A lot of people have expressed their frustrations with the limitations of the solid behavior. I'm going to hazard a guess that Ashley is aware of this.

  • TiAm - I have noticed I seem to find gripes well after someone else has settled the conversation, lol.

    I have been reading through the examples and thats actually what got me frustrated... The more I read the more I realize I am missing alot after having gone through the sdk. It would be nice if the template included more comments and empty functions with descriptions.

    The problem I am having is getting behaviors to talk to each other... and the only example of that is with solid/platform/jumpthrough (and a few others). But it seems that behaviors are meant to run in a more isolated fashion...

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