Scrolling problem on iOS 11.x

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  • There appears to be a problem with some C2 games on iOS 11.x, this is in Safari and also Chrome, this issue does not show up on iOS 10.x

    The problem is that if you hold your finger on the screen and drag up, the whole game scrolls up. It appears that the OS is not seeing that what is presented is the whole screen and that it seems to think it's taller than it actually is, as if there are spaces at the bottom of the screen. I can literally drag half the game off the top of the screen.

    On a game that requires you drag things up the whole game moves it is of course highly undesirable.

    I was concerned this version of iOS was doing it on all games but I have seen a C2 game that was not effected by this and I also have some HTML5 games and they are all ok.

    I'm guessing it's something in the INDEX.HTML file but can't seem to find it.

    Does anybody know of a solution?


  • I remember seeing a few reports similar to this a while back. I didn't get to the bottom of it, but if you republished the game with the latest version of C2, the problem went away. So I guess it's a bug with an old version of Cordova that got fixed already.

  • It was working fine, I have this on a lot of games, and they have not been recompiled, so maybe the new version removes something that was added recently into iOS 11.

    what a pain.

    I don't suppose you have the old and new index.html files? I have a feeling it's in there somewhere

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  • I had my games recompiled and it did indeed fix the problem. Black bars around the outside of the game still allow the user to drag the whole game up, but the game itself can't be dragged so that's a win.

    However once I had them recompiled in very 262, it unearthed a new bug. Full screen will not work correctly, it's putting black bars around the game not going to full screen and worse still missing the bottom of the game in some of the games.

    I have posted a ticket in the bugs and hope this will be fixed soon as it is impacting all of our games now :(

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