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  • hello constructivist,

    can anyone explain, plainly, how to utilize scrolling in c2?

    i am trying another demo, lander type, and i have a space background that is 1024x768, while the game screen is 840x600. i want the screen to scroll as the lander ship moves towards areas not onscreen. but i can't figure out how to use the 'scrolling' commands in the 'system' section.

    any help is appreciated...

  • Here's a side scrolling example in C2.

    Includes Basic Parallax scrolling (or at least an attempt at it!)

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  • thank you again kind sir,

    i found the error of my ways in your test cap, but not until after much gnashing of

    i initially thought i was making/writing the event for scrolling wrong, and i tried several methods. then, i thought i had the scene dimensions setup wrong somehow, still to no avail. finally, i had to say to myself, your cap is doing it right, and my cap is doing it wrong - so what's the difference?

    i setup 'my' scroll event just like yours - nothing. setup my window and layout dimensions just like yours - still no love. i looked at them both and thought, why is mine not working, i have the same scrolling event, the same dimensions, and i'm doing on it on the start of the layout just like he...ah'haah.

    i had my scroll event in my 'start of layout' block, and because visually it looked the same as your 'every tick' block, i assumed it was the same. which it most definitely was not.

    i now have scrollage...thank you sir.


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