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  • I'm new to Construct. I want to make a game with a large area/map, and script missions.

    Is this possible in C2? What is the most efficient method? Create multiple layouts for each mission?

  • Are you looking to make an RPG? How intricate would you want the scripting to be?

    Would you want to just script encounters, I.e. some simple battles or isolated NPC interactions?

    Or would you want a full blown quest mechanism, which would present the player with a goal, keeps track of all of the necessary tasks and sub-tasks required to complete the goal, and manages object and location access so that, for instance before you can open the chest you need the dragon key, but to get the dragon key, you need to bring the pirate princess a blueberry muffin, etc?

    One is a lot easier than the other.

  • I am thinking of a single map, but have a script to build the levels.

    Like setup waypoints, add targets. Also, have different start points.

    Currently, the levels/layouts have to be predefined when in editor, and stays the same. I was wondering if things can be added on the fly using a main script.

  • I'm thinking of implementing the "full blown quest mechanism" with concurrent quests, and sub-tasks like Wastrel mentioned. Any tips?

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  • onion, I haven't attempted (or had time) to work on a quest mechanism in a long time.

    I wish I had some good tips for you. I think 95% of the work will be in planning, before you code anything. I used a diagramming app (i.e. Microsoft Visio) and a spreadsheet to list out all of the objects and events, then mapped out their interactions.

    You have to consider the life of each object, and how every event could possibly affect it. The more objects and events you have, the more complex it gets.

    You will also need some way to manage the state of the game, like with a finite state machine. rexrainbow has an FSM plugin, but I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet.

    I wish I could be more helpful.

  • Damn I was hoping there would be something that would make the process easier, (no idea what that would look like - it'd just help, lol).

    Could you explain though how a finite state machine would help me? I don't really understand what it is.

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