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  • I don't have the device to test these issues so here goes....

    If my layout is 1080p I assume it will scale down to a 1366x768 screen resolution without any problems.

    However, if I have a compare x condition what exactly happens there? Is that resolution independent?

    Finally, will a live advert look smaller on the 1080p screen than on the lower resolution one?

  • Layout co-ordinates are not affected by the display being scaled. So you don't need to worry about that at all. Scaling is purely cosmetic, like watching a movie on a bigger cinema screen doesn't change how far the characters are walking in the movie world.

  • I've been wondering about what kind of 'base' resolution is ideal for a widescreen game, actually, especially one with high-quality art assets. It's a bit tricky to figure it out, to say the least.

  • Great to hear. Cheers.

    Candescence I chose 1080p for this project because it's got fairly simple assets. I suppose it's a matter of balancing image quality and size in MB. But in general, I think I'll try to make the base 1080p from now on.

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  • 1080P is a good widescreen resolution. Or stick to 768 if you are going for Ipad gaming. Aim for making graphics for the highest resolution of the largest device you are targetting.

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