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  • Why doesn't Construct 2 have a full screen setting? Its so very difficult to develop to allow for effective playing on mobile device screens. I don't understand why there isn't a full screen setting where the screen is stretched/shrunk to fit the full size of any device (no white background fill).

    If not is there any possibility that within construct we could resize the layout size and all objects would resize to cater for the increased/decreased dimensions? currently if I have a small layout and resize it to large all objects remain in the small location. Becomes a massive task to move, resize and reorder all objects to work in the new layout size.

    I've read all the screen size tutorials and would appreciate any suggestions. For me screen size management has been the biggest frustration in an otherwise perfect program.

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  • There is a setting for "full screen in browser." Are you talking about something else?

  • These two tutorials should be all you need:

    There are several methods listed that you can use to resize objects automatically or scale them, and automatically shift them to the proper position according to screen size.

    Unless like jimand asks do you mean something else?

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  • The fullscreen setting is in project properties and is called 'Fullscreen in browser'. This is because on a desktop computer all it does is resize the viewport to fill the browser window, rather than the entire screen. However on mobile the browser window is the same size as the screen, so it really is a true fullscreen setting.

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