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  • Just a quick question.

    Is there any benefit in building a game in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 over 640 x 360?

    I'm using high res graphics and am scaling when in browser. I've tried prototypes in both resolutions and there appears to be no difference in quality or performance.

    If I were to build in 640 x 360, would I run into any problems I'm unaware of?

  • Using a low resolution and scaling up to a high resolution/large display will result in lower quality visuals.

    Using a high resolution and scaling down will utilize more graphics memory (and overall download size), which may or may not be a problem depending on the scope and size of your project.

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  • The lower the resolution you render at the lower the demand on the gfx card.

    you may not notice a difference in performance until you have a lot of sprites with a lot of overdrawing / layers but obviously the more pixels that need to be processed before up-scaling the harder the gfx card has to work. you may never see a difference with a high powered gfx card.

    In your case, using high definition artwork and resizing, the setting you need to be most aware of is

    "Full-screen Quality"

    Setting Fullscreen quality to "LOW" renders the game at your specified "game window" (c2) . "viewport" (c3) resolution and then up-scales to the resolution of your game screen. This is what most modern games do as it allows a degree of compromise of gfx effects vs resolution, and thus control of graphics performance. Depending how low your render resolution is there will be a degree of blurriness (using linear sampling) or jagginess (using point sampling) with the upscale image.

    Setting full screen quality to "High" totally ignores your "game window" resolution and renders the game at the resolution of the display screen, only keeping the aspect ratio specified by your game "game window" So if you are viewing full screen on a 1080p screen it is rendering at a full 1080p , if you are viewing on a 4K screen it is rendering at 4K. This will give you nice sharp graphics but will be hitting the gfx card hard so may result in performance degradation on lower spec machines.

    you can give user access to change this setting at runtime.

  • thanks both of you for your replies.

    I'm using "High quality" for my Fullscreen scaling, and I'm only ever using 10 or so sprites (the stuff I'm creating is mainly text based).

    I've already started creating a far bit of content with a resolution of 640 x 360, so if there isn't really that big of an issue I'll keep going with it.

  • After your question I did a research about it and found an answer that I was not expecting.

    These stats shows that 40% of the mobiles all around the globe uses 360x640.. I was expecting something like 480x854, 360x640 is 3:4 not even 9:16..

    Well.. I don't know... my projects are at least 480x854.

    I don't think that the resolution is a big problem for a small device like a smart phone, just make sure to use 3:4 or 9:16 and it will upscale to fullscreen without issues, its barely visible the changes from a native resolution.

    Edit: I found something interesting that may afect the result of these stats. I don't know where the data came from but if they collected it by using the browser resolution of each user as reference.. it does not show the real mobile device resolution. If you check your resolution on your mobile using it will show a very small resolution.. even if you device is 4k. So, just to say that if they collected this data using browser resolution, it does not show the real mobile resolution.

  • Interesting after doing a lot more testing I've found that if I use 640 x 360 as the resolution then text doesn't seem to scale cleanly in Firefox, the text appears jagged, whereas if using 1920 x 1080 its fine (not seen any issues yet with downscaling).

    Most be an issue with how Firefox renders text as none of the other browsers (on desktop or mobile) seems to have this issue.

    I'm going to give 1280 x 720 a try and see if/what issue that throws up.

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