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  • I've been noticing this for a while.

    On many of the provided examples, mostly the infinite side scrollers (and many others), the screen has these weird flutters when updating the movement of the objects.

    Template: Auto Runner would be an example.

    Now, these are very simple examples with very few lines of code and to me this does not look professional.

    My monitor does update at 60 hertz, so shouldn't this be smooth?

    Does this get better after the Awesomium export to EXE?

    Quite frankly, this worries me.

    If Construct 2 makes this weird artifacting with a few simple objects and a few lines of code, what about larger projects?

    I've also noticed this in Ubi Land from the get go.

    I thought Construct 2 would be a great way to practice prototypes, maybe even make a commercial game.

    Now, I'm not so sure. I'm regretting a bit spending money for the license without testing all this ahead of time.

    I don't think this should be happening since there are other games made with Javascript (lightning fast now) and HTML 5 and they don't have these issues.

    Maybe learning Javascript would be the way to go?

    Of course, then I'd be getting into programming more and all I'm interested in is design.


  • It seems to have gotten worse in the last few builds. I thought it was something on my end but after stripping down a few things it's still there. About a month ago scrolling would be very smooth with barely any snags.

  • Awesomium doesn't even come in a 64-bit version ??!?!

    So, I can't even test it on my computer.

    32-bit really? After all this time?

  • I wasn't even aware that was still an option lol. Check out Node Webkit.

  • Alright.

  • I think it might be a hardware/software issue.

    Some of the games I make stutter and flutter a bit on my high end PC, whereas they run smooth as butter on my girlfriend's old laptop.

    Some hardware/software combinations simply give out really weird and unpredictable bugs/results. Welcome to the world of programming :)

  • Our old native engine "fluttered" a little too, because windowed apps tended to occasionally miss a V-sync interval and drop a frame due to OS scheduling priorities. Going fullscreen usually fixed it because the OS would give the fullscreen game a higher priority, so it was less likely to miss frames. Perhaps the same will work for you.

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  • I have been going full screen.

    Well, if it's not noticeable on most pc's that'd be great.

    I do have a really high end self-built desktop.

    It's an nvidia motherboard, 4 core 2.6 ghz processor, and an nvidia quadro graphics card.

    Now, the latter hasn't really been made for games, but for high end 3d work, which I do, but this particular card has never given me trouble video gaming wise.

    If anyone has a regular nvidia card and could chime in that'd be great.

    I had to slow the speed of some of the things in the game because the refresh just couldn't keep up, at least with my setup, but it's still going fast.

    Alright, I'm still in it I guess. I'm still having trouble figuring out the touch versus player angle for my right custom boundary because the readout I get in the game versus the manual just doesn't make any sense, and I need to set permitted angles, and so far it's the only thing really giving me trouble.

    Could anyone chime in on the Custom Controls - Critique thread?

  • Actually, never mind.

    Just figured it out.

    For some reason checking for the player sprite angle works better than checking if the system is between player and touch angle which jumps all over the place on same rotation based on mouse distance from player sprite.

    No idea if checking for system between angles is the same as checking if the player sprite is between angles but the latter appears to work better (and make sense).

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