Screen flashing with NWjs / Audio related

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Is a circular loading screen with code ready to use. No Animation.
  • We've gathered pretty much details after some investigations regarding this issue which should help fixing the problem. TheRealDannyyy has already created a bug report on NW.js GitHub. Your upvotes will surely help so please take a look on the bug report whenever you have a moment. Thanks.

  • The bug was investigated by the NW.js team and then reported further to the Chromium team by Ashley and it looks like we have the solution!

    Based on suggestion from the Chromium team I made some tests with the --disable-direct-composition Chromium option. I cannot replicate screen flickering any more while using this option. More over this option fixes also the Recording gameplay issue (NWjs, youtubers) issue.

    I asked Chromium team about consequences of using this option. It disables the DirectComposition component which in theory should reduce the app performance by around 10%. However I could not notice any performance drop while testing it with my game so the performance drop is indeed not big.

    For those who are not familiar of how to set up Chromium args in C2, here's a short tutorial:

    1. Go to {your C2 directory}\exporters\html5\nwjs

    2. Open package-win.json file with any text editor

    3. Add "--disable-direct-composition" to the chromium-args section

    4. You may also want to add it to the package-preview.json to have it fixed also in preview mode

    I don't know if this is the final solution or Chromium team will fix DirectComposition feature. But For now is a very decent solution which fixes very serious (in my opinion) issues with C2 PC apps.

    Once again thank you TheRealDannyyy, , MadSpy and all for your support in solving this issue

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • So this fixed the flickering AND the screen capture issue? Well done!

    Kudos everyone! I didn't help much but I was definitely keeping my eye on this and the screen capture thread. Glad to see such devoted efforts.

  • Did Ashley give em a little kick or something, that's surely not the behavior that I'm used to see from them.

    Anyway, we got a workaround with a minimum of downsides that should be good for now.

    The bug is still somewhere but now they can feel free to take more time for finding and fixing it.

    Thumbs up, I hope they keep on with this working speed in the future and thanks again Ashley for reporting the issue to them in a professional way!

  • Does anyone know if this workaround helps with greenworks not showing up for steam games? Just curious.

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  • Thanks for sharing the workaround, should be a sticky or something god dammit.

  • Just one more (and the last I think) update. Chromium team just marked this bug as fixed: ... 667731#c32

    The official fix will be implemented in Chromium 56, so should appear soon in one of upcoming NW.js releases.

  • Is this bug fixed in NW.js v0.20.0?

  • Is this bug fixed in NW.js v0.20.0?

    This is fixed for all NW.js versions starting from v0.19.1, so you're good to go with that version.

    More details can be found HERE.

  • Hi, sorry for bumping this pretty old thread. This didn't worked for my screen flickering issue (I am using win10), but it fixed another odd problem I had (that problem actually occured only on my Android 5.1.1 device). My screen was a little rescaled, see the image below:

    Also, the sounds in my app play only after I touch the screen.. and I know it's not my code's fault as this (along with the flickering issue) isn't happening with Crosswalk Webview Plugin included....

    Why am I having issues nobody else does?

    edit: looks like that the problem with the screen is also not fixed, it just happens less frequently....

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