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  • Hi, fairly new to Construct 2, working through the tutorials, finding the book Construct 2 Game Development by Example to be quite good.

    Wondering why my monitor dimms down when I Run Layout (Chrome launches and shows the game and the brightness level of my monitor goes to near complete darkness).

    This only happens when I have a very dark image as the background. It first came up when I tiled a space sprite for a space shooter background.

    If I click on another browser tab, this one for example, the brightness level returns to normal.

    any ideas would be very welcomed,



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  • I think some displays have an option to dynamically change the luminosity based on what is displayed. If it is indeed it, it is dependant on your monitor, but should be an option I think.

  • That was it, thanks Aphrodite. I kept messing with my display settings in Windows thinking that was the problem, didnt think to check the manual controls for the monitor. Got this thing used, never really messed with the settings,



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