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  • hi guys

    I want to design a level with some sprites that are my coins and i want to when the player collect 4 coins ( or a variable number ) some new sprites ( enemy ) come to level


    Have a great day/night

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  • You just set up a globar variable named "score". Then you add these events and actions:

    Player - On collision with another object (Coin):

    • System: Add to variable (score): 1
    • Coin: Destroy

    System - Compare variable (score): = 4

    • System: Create object (enemy)

    Mind that though that if you didn't have any enemy created in the game before, it will throw an error (it's a limitation in HTML5). You'll have to create a dummy, empty layout (no event sheet needed for that one) and place an enemy there before you can create it. To put it simple: if the object wasn't added on any layout before, it can't be created.

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