Scirra's Arcade Future

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  • It been a very long time since someone has uploaded a game to the Scirra arcade, why? The total online players in the arcade is 0.

    The future of Scirra arcade don't look bright and there are many evidence for this

    1) The Arcade Forum file is deleted.

    2) The new design for the arcade is not published yet or on delay.

    3) No one is interested in asking about the arcade's status.

    4) No more new games or players on the arcade

    5) You are not interested in this topic, am I right?

    If you like to reply or argue about it, do it. Because we need clear answers for the future of the arcade

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  • since the site is currently in rebuild, I am not worried about the arcade, his time will come after I think

  • Maybe I think, The mostly annoying thing that you must have the latest version to upload a game

  • Switching the forum software was a big task that Tom's still working on, and making the new arcade is also a substantial task, and he's tackling both, as far as I know, all by himself.

    These things seem simpler to make than they are. Patience!

  • C2 games upload easily to and Newgrounds as well as other popular online arcades, so in the meantime try those out.

  • Quite frankly.. the biggest problem with Scirra Arcade is the total lack of quality control. I know that Scirra wants to give impression that anyone can make a game in 15 minutes without any programming or other skills, but IMHO the results are quite painful to watch (or play).

    So people. Bit more thought and a little less 'releases' .. Please?

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